Garry Blakeley

If you would like details of gigs listed on this page, please click CONTACT at the bottom of the page and I will be happy to forward you any information that you may require.  Always check with venues before travelling long distances!!


JAN  2017
FRI   27  Blakeley & Son - Burns Night - (Private Function)
SAT  28  Barn Dance - Westfield  

FEB  2017
FRI   03  Blakeley & Son - Dolphin  8.30pm  
SAT  04  Garry Blakeley Band - General Havelock - 9.30pm - 11.30pm
WED 15  Blakeley & Son - White Dog Ewhurst - 1.00pm - 3.30pm  Private Function
SAT  25  Garry, Russ & Paul - FAT TUESDAY UNPLUGGED :

MAR  2017
SUN 12  Garry Blakeley Band - Jenny Lind  4.00pm - 6.00pm  (J)
FRI  17  Albion - Hastings - Garry Blakeley Trio  (J)
SAT 18  Ballyregans - Cooden  (evening gig)

APR  2017
Feast of fiddles tour
2nd  Chatham Brooke Theatre  01634 241108
3rd  Nettlebed Village Club  01628 636620
4th  Nettlebed Village Club  01628 636620
5th  Worcester Huntingdon Hall  01905 611427
6th  Preston The Minster  07971 243809
7th  Lowdham Village Hall  01159 663596
8th  WimborneTivoli Theatre  01202 885566
9th  Exeter Corn Exchange  01392 665938
10th Chippenham Neeld Arts Centre  01249 446699
11th  LondonUnion Chapel  On Line Only
12th Milton Keynes  The Stables  01908 280800
13th  Tewkesbury  The Roses Theatre  01684 295074
SAT  22  Garry Blakeley Trio - Havelock - 9.30pm - 11.30pm  (J)
SUN  23  Shep Woolley - Gunton Hall
FRI   28  Garry Blakeley Trio - Pissarros 9.00pm - 11.00pm  (J)
SAT  29  Blakeley & Son - Hawkhurst 7.00pm - 9.00pm  (Private Function)

MAY  2017
WED 03  Garry Blakeley Trio - Jenny Lind - 8.00pm - 10.00pm (J)
FRI  05   Feast of fiddles - Cromer Festival
SAT  06  Garry Blakeley Trio - Dolphin  9.00pm  (RF)
SAT  13  Blakeley & Son - Battle - (PF)  1.45pm
THU  25  Liberal Club - Whitehall  TBC
SUN  28  Garry - solo gig - The Stag, Hastings Old Town - 5.00pm - 7.00pm

JUN  2017
FRI  02  TABS - Upstairs Carlisle - Hastings
SAT 10  Blakeley & Son  (PF)  Leigh on Sea  7.00pm - 9.30pm
THU 15  Shep Woolley (HMS C) Fareham  10.00pm start  (PF)
FRI  16  Blakeley & Son - SUSSEX DAY - Beauport Park 8.25pm - 9.25pm 
SAT 17  Shep Woolley - Portsmouth  (W)   
SUN 25  Garry Blakeley & Bear Lucas (more info on the biog page) - Stag, Hastings Old Town - 5pm - 7pm 

JUL  2017
SAT  01  ENSEMBLE PARADISI - Black Market VIP - George Street, Old Town - BUY TICKETS HERE
SUN  02  Blakeley & Son - Big Steve  11.00am - 1.00pm (PF)  
SAT  08  Garry Blakeley Trio - Havelock - 9.30pm - 11.30pm
SUN 09  Blakeley & Son - Jim Jam Arts - Folkestone - 1.45 - 2.45 
WED 12  Garry solo - Holy Trinity Church, Robertson St.  1.10pm - 1.50pm
FRI   14  Vocal Explosion - St. Clements Church, Croft Rd
SAT  15  Blakeley & Son - PM gig - Private Function
SUN  16  Pirate Day Gig - Jenny Lind  (J)
SAT  22  Blakeley & Son - Prvate Function - Steyning  7.00pm - 9.00pm
SAT  29  Garry Blakeley Trio - Dolphin  9.00pm  (RS)

AUG  2017
FRI  04  Cropredy Warm Up - Nettlebed Village Hall  11.00am - 6.00pm
SAT 05  Garry Blakeley Trio - Kite Festival - CLICK for more info.
THU 10  Feast of Fiddles - Cropredy Festival - 4.25pm
SUN 13  Blakeley & Son - private function
SAT 19  Garry Blakeley - Winchelsea - 4.00pm  (Jacky Morris) Private Function
SAT 26  Garry Blakeley Trio - Pissaros  (J)

SEP  2017
SAT  02  Ballyreagan Boys - Bexhill Festival  4.00pm - 5.30pm  
SAT  02  Garry Blakeley Trio - James Kofoed - Private Function - Udimore (RS)
SUN  03  New Duo (details soon) - White Dog Ewhurst - 1.00pm - 3.00pm - Beer Fest
FRI   08  Shep Woolley - Winchester  8.00pm - 11.30pm
SUN  10  Vocal Explosion - Green Cardigan Fest  12.00 - 1.00pm
FRI   15  Blakeley & Son + Friends - Pisarros 9.00pm - 11.00pm
SAT  16  Blakeley & Son - private function - Icklesham
SAT 23  Garry Blakeley Trio - Havelock - 9.30pm - 11.30pm  (J)
SUN  24 Garry Blakeley Band - Hailsham  (J)   
WED 27 Wedding in Rye  TBC

OCT  2017
THU 12  TABS - details to follow
SAT 14  Blakeley & Son - Pissaros
FRI  20  Shep Woolley - Portsmouth
SAT 21  Shep Woolley - Portsmouth
FRI  27  Blakeley & Son - Cafe 48 - Bexhill (evening gig, details to follow)

NOV  2017
FRI  17   Shep Woolley  (W)  TBC
SUN 19  Garry Blakeley Band - Jenny Lind (as part of the Fleadh weekend)  (J) 4.00pm
FRI  24  Garry Blakeley Band - Dolphin  9.00pm  (J)

DEC  2017
FRI   01  Victorian Festival day time - Warrior in the evening
SAT  02  Victorian Festival
SUN  03  Victorian Festival
THU  07  Blakeley & Son  2.30pm  (for Mary)
SAT  09  VE Concert  TBC
FRI  22   Blakeley & Son - Pissaros  TBA
SAT 23   TABS - details to follow

March  17  2018  Garry Blakeley Band - Albion, Hastings  (J)
March  24  2018  Shep Woolley - Portsmouth  (W)

Feast of Fiddles tour 2018 - April 8th to April 25th - details to follow

9th    Nettlebed Village Club
10th  Nettlebed Village Club
11th  ExeterCorn Exchange
12th  Worcester Huntingdon Hall
13th  Wimborne Tivoli Theatre
14th  Eastbourne College Theatre
15th  Chatham Brooke Theatre
16th  Bury St EdmundsThe Apex
18th  LeedsCity Varieties
19th  Alnwick The Playhouse
20th  Kendal Brewery Arts
21st  Southport The Atkinson
22nd Tewkesbury The Roses Theatre
23rd  Chippenham Neeld Arts Centre
24th  Milton Keynes The Stables

May  19th  2018  Private Function in Seaford - evening gig Anna & Matt  (J)


The Wheel of the Year is a truly fabulous and unique celebration of the annual cycle. It takes you on a passionate and exciting journey through the passages of history, whilst inviting you to experience the many magical festivals and traditions of the passing seasons.
The superb lyrics of Rose Blakeley are highly descriptive and are brought to life by the powerful and atmospheric music of Garry Blakeley (Feast of Fiddles). His stunning compositions are a beautiful combination of folk rock arrangements, slow airs and driving traditional tunes, which weave in and out of the rich, evocative narration of selected poetry and stories by Jane Downes (The Catsfield Steamers)

The Wheel of the Year also features some of the highlights of  The Ceremony of May, our successful and well-loved tribute to May Day and the famous Jack-in-the-Green
This is an incredible production, which will totally enthral you and steal you away to a place of enchantment and imagination!

The Wheel of the Year - with the Garry Blakeley Band


Feast of Fiddles is a musical entertainment like no other – six of the UK’s finest fiddle players in a band of 11 which includes Dave Mattacks – the grandfather of folk rock drumming. Peter Knight of Steeleye Span, Chris Leslie of Fairport Convention, Brian McNeill, Ian Cutler, Tom Leary and Garry Blakeley bring their own individual styles together to visit many musical genres in a show that has a wide dynamic range and will have you dancing in the aisles and perhaps even shedding a tear. The 2013 tour is the band’s 20th annual outing and the critical acclaim gets louder every year. Bring even your sceptical friends, they won’t be disappointed.

“Absolutely awesome!” – Sue Marchant, BBC East

“Feast of Fiddles is far more than half-a-dozen of
Britain’s most talented exponents of the instrument.
It’s a joyous two hours of excellence and
exuberance.” Get Rhythm

“Your imaginative programme was riveting from start to finish.  I relished the brilliance of tone colours in all sections; the violins soaring away, like the spring in the bow of an arrow, on an effortless flight path in perfect unison – like the first violins of a very great symphony orchestra – yet better, because of your innate musicianship, conductor-less craft, rhythm and palpable love of the many genres of music making you had to offer.   You are seriously all great musicians.”
David Fanshawe – African Sanctus